The Secret to Achieving Greatness

The older I get, the more secrets I learn. The veil is being removed everyday, reminding me of when I was an eager, young truth-seeker.

At 15 years old, I was fascinated by something called alchemy. I combed the Internet to find more about it after learning about the Philosopher’s Stone, a compound which can change into anything on the planet (nerdy, I know). The stone was rumored to grant wishes.

For those who are unaware, alchemy is regarded as a precursor to modern day chemistry. Alchemy dealt with the transmutation of matter from one state to another.

Accompanied with my fascination with alchemy was a general interest in the occult, which is just a fancy word for secrets.

As time progresses, and the scientific mysteries of the world become more accessible, we forget about a time where thinkers worked tirelessly to unravel the nature of all things through alchemy and other esoteric means.

Feats in alchemy were accomplished by understanding the physical world on a granular level.

With alchemy, pseudo-scientists would study ways to turn water to wine or base metals into gold.It was a practice rooted in secrecy, exchanged orally and practiced in the shadowy portions of society.

S imilar to myself, now anybody with internet access can learn about alchemy.

I think that’s hilarious.

Along with the secrets of alchemy, there’s a plethora of conspiracy theories available to us via the internet: who killed JFK, was the moon landing a hoax, was 9/11 an inside job…If you want to find an answer to any question, the Internet is the ultimate resource.

Even with internet in the palm of your hands, though, none of those researchable conspiracies can come close to answering the following: what makes you great?


I woke up this morning thinking about the nature greatness.It wasn’t my own greatness that I woke up thinking about (no, I’m not that vain).

As we established, the world is filled with secrets. My primary concern was what makes every human being great, and if everyone knows how cultivate their greatness. What’s great about us is a secret hidden from ourselves, by ourselves.

Asking yourself about your own greatness is the beginning of a transcendental experience.

Greatness dodges the perceptions of the average man and woman, forcing us to idolize great men and women of the past, revering the exceptional for the rare creatures that they are. I don’t think they’re rare in existence. They’re only rare in execution.

All greatness takes is the fortitude to pursue a truth within the self. Uncovering what makes you great is a powerful, individual pursuit.

Kobe Bryant via

Life dulls our sense of self.

We are surrounded by things that possess the potential to inform us about everything other than what makes us truly special, spending our days learning everything while learning nothing at the same time.

Reality is structured in a way that makes greatness a secret kept from yourself. Of life’s many conspiracies, the last thing that should remain hidden from your own mind is what makes you exceptional.

You are great but I don’t think you know why.

Greatness takes internal research. As a society, we are concerned with external research, waiting to be shown the truth about ourselves by some sort of liaison.

We’ve been too distracted by the lulls of life, moving through the motions without realizing our individual nature. There are intangible qualities that rest beneath the surface of your skin that separate you from everyone else you’ve come into contact with.

Each of us are different because of the things that make up our individual greatness.

Whether it is your radical kindness, humility, or compassionate strength, when you wander through life without acknowledging your strongest characteristics, you end up losing access to your potential.

You don’t know what within yourself to prioritize. It takes deep internal reflection to find the qualities that make you special, but the work is important to participate in.

In essence, life is an alchemically charged endeavor. The only thing that you’re trying to transmute is yourself into your truer, greater self.

Good luck :)

An author who writes for his future children’s eyes. “Every time we do our best, the world changes just a little” - wise man

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